how to get free v bucks in fortnite: The complete guideline

This is the Complete guideline to get free v bucks in Fortnite.

There are much of ways for getting free v bucks but those methods are not working and all sources asked survey and download somthing but after completing those task they do not provide any penny of Bucks on your account.

This is the problems.

But don’t worry today you know about the 13 best and working ways.

So let’s start…

13 Ways To Get Free V Bucks In Fortnite

See the graph if you want to increase your v bucks wallet then follow this method with a cool mind and be a pro gamer on Fortnite.

v bucks increasing graph using new method v bucks generator 2021

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So this is the update tool in 2020 and 100% safe to use no malware and no virus. When you using this online generator fell like a pro.

Beginners are most love this online private tool Because they do not have a weapon for Save the world and Battle pass and they feel very bad.

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if you have v bucks then buy cosmetics, skins, dance moves battle pass and more thing.

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How To Use This Tool

  1. Click the generate now button
  2. Enter your username
  3. select your device & connect
  4.  Choose your desired amount of V bucks
  5. waite few seconds for connecting server
  6. Please do Robot verification.

Now I am describing each step for how to use it

Step #1: Click the Generate Now Button

 Generate Now

Please click the green button for your desired page for getting v bucks.

Step #2: Enter Your Username

How to use v bucks generator step 2

Put down your real Fortnite user name.

if you using fake name then this server banned you.

So be careful.

Step #3: Select Your Device and Connect

step 3 for select your device or platform

There are five available platforms

  • IOS
  • Android
  • XBOX
  • Windows/MAC
  • PS4

Choose your reliable device and click the connect button.

Step 4: Choose V-Bucks

In this step select your needed amount of bucks and click the hack now button.

choose your amount of v bucks

Step #5: Connecting Server

Wait a few seconds for connecting generator online server.

connecting a server for fortnite v bucks hack

Use these six steps and get your desired amount of V-Bucks. Please be careful when you using this Fortnite generator.

Why do we ask Human verification? Because of there are many robots which can impact our private server and damage it.

We have SSL certified and we do not use your information so use this updated private tool for free.

Want to know more about this generator please read this article now.

Is This Tool Safe to Use?

Yes, it’s safe to use because this tool developed by programmer every code and design is user-friendly. Developers say it’s a comprehensive Vbucks hack tool in 2019-2020.

So you can use this tool smoothly.

Features of Free V Bucks Generator 

free v bucks generator features

Unlimited  V-Bucks:

  • You can generate unlimited skins once a day and have a multiple choice for the desired amount like 1000, 25000, 50000.
  • So Choose anyone and enjoy with this.


  • That’s means you use this tool android, IOS, Ps4 platform
  • Daily Rewards:
  • If you use this tool daily then you can able to rewards like 2500 free bucks.


  • Also, you can use this tool on the PS4 platform so it’s really cool.

Is that Working V-Bucks Generator:

  • 99% working if you using this tool as a human then you can get v-bucks but your behavior like robots then you will be banned from this tool.
  • So when you using free v bucks generator please be honest and try once a day.

Advantages of Free V Bucks Generator

♦Fast: This private tool is fast than other online tools.

♦No download: There is no download anything for getting V bucks.

♦No Survey: No question or watching it makes you crazy.

♦Responsive: You can use both device mobile and PC & Ps4.

♦Free V-bucks: Generate Unlimited Bucks but you can use this once a day.

♦Safe & Secure: 100% safe and secure there is no malware or virus.

♦SSL: This Private tool website is SSL certified.

So this tool brings up one level your gaming account.

if you want to know more about this online tool.

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2. Earn Money Through Survey sites

The easiest way to make money at home without any skill.


My favorite one just completing some tasks like watching entertainment videos, Install apps, Install games, Downloading and answer some simple questions.

after completing the task, they give you points (1000 points = $10).

Just spending 2-3hrs daily and you can earn $50 per day without any doubt.

If you want more on how to get v bucks we already published an article for you.

For your help here is some best survey sites.

  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox dollars
  • My points
  • Survey junkie
  • Honey

So Don’t waste your time Do this instant now and make $50 to $100 a day within 3-4hrs guys.

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3. Make Money Through Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest platform for earning money as a beginner or teenager.


If you have any type of skill like content writing, singing, Photography, Video making.

Just go to Fiverr and create an account as a seller and makes gigs and promote.

4. Make Money From Freelancer and Earn Free V bucks

 As we know online is one the best platform where you can make $1000 of dollars at home.Just doing some simple and easy task.earn_money_through_freelancer_and_Buy_v_Bucks Freelancer is one the biggest platform where you can find out 500+ works for you. Now the question is how to make money with the freelancer and buy real V bucks. Here is the easiest section for you. 1. Content writing2. Video editing3. Photoshop Editing4. Logo design5. Presentation 6. Social marketing So just find out your desired skills and create an account and earn $1000 dollars. 

5. Make Money From Upwork and Buy V bucks

Upwork is one the biggest platform for an online job.In this platform, you can get any type of job.Same as a freelancer.Earn_money-through_upwork_and_earn_v_Bucks_in_2020If you are Belongs to USA, Canada, Uk country then it’s easy to create an account and approved from Upwork.Within 24hrs you can get your first job.Upwork also has an option for hourly based.Like 1hrs= $10 or more…If you are well in writing or have a good art knowledge or make an intro video.So you are making money from Upwork easily… 

6. CPA marketing

CPA_marketing_process_to_earn_money_online_and_v_BucksCPA Means Cost Per Action That’s meansIf you filled an action then you got payment from that’s offers or company.

If you learn this method Join CPA  marketing beginners to advance level guidelines.And start making money on the first day and buy unlimited V bucks without any human verification.   


 Daily Quest is a process to earn 100-200 free v-bucks and 200 coins daily.Basically Providing you an assignment when you login Fortnite Save the world mode game.And there is no time limitation for completing the quest.Possible quest for get free v bucks rewards you can get 3 daily quests every day.Two types of Quest.

  • Primary
  • Exclusive

So completing the Video tutorial Daily quest gives you the V bucks and coins. Here is the list of possible offers Quest. List_of_daily_quest_fortnite_save_the_world So Do daily quest and get free v-bucks on your free fortnite account.   


 Login Rewards is one of the best rewards systems.Where players attempt 336 logins on Fortnite Save the world.  And these rewards improved on patch 1.8.  daily login rewards for free V-Bucks the rewards include legendary items, XP Boost, evolution materials. Total Rewards

  • 300k Hero XP
  • 71 Mini Llamas
  • 13 Rare Heroes
  • 10 Rare Ranged Weapons
  • 12 Rare Melee Weapons
  • 200 Lightning in a Bottle
  • 300 Pure Drop of Rain
  • 390 Eye of the Storm
  • 10k V bucks

Here is the list of Daily Quest Rewards…



This Fortnite game has one big feature timed mission rewards like heroes, defenders, V-Bucks.

If you claimed up and filled up the mission on time then you will be decided to be rewarding.



 According to Fortnite Gamepedia, Sidequest is power levelcompletion only for the main quest. In Fortnite, you can find out a lot of side quest challenges. Earn_v_bucks_through_side_quest_2020  If you are Battle royale player thenside quest is an opportunity to get a battle pass without any cost in your epic games.



If anyone asked me what’s the best way for you to get free v-bucks.

my answer is survey sites.


why, because of completing a simple tasks like watching entertainment videos

download apps, music, and earn points.

These points are converted into Dollars so here you can

make money at home within an hour.

So you can easily earn free Fortnite V-bucks with a survey site.

Read this another article where I am trying to Best Survey Site that helps you to improve Epic games.


 Events are a seasonal reward option in the Save the world.List_event_quest_list_in_fortnite_save_the_world_for_v_bucks_rewardsWhen an event starts you can generate a lot of v bucks and earn coins. And the event quest also introduces you to new weapons, survivors and upcoming survivors. 

13. Completing Fortnite Missions

Yes, when you completing fortnite mission we will get Lot of v bucks rewards.Fortnite_save_the_world_mission We know that Fortnite game is a mission game.where players are battle or save the world with their tactics and war.Also, have an option when the starting missionif you complete a mission with a specific time thenyou are able to get free v-bucks rewards in fortnite epic games. 


Now I’d Like to Hear From You

Now it’s your turn to get free v bucks through this complete

step by step guideline.

Try this all methods to reach your level and play well

in fortnite.

Please let me know which method you using

and how many bucks you gathered your


Thanks for coming here and read this blog post.


Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get free Vbucks in fortnite?

You can get free V-bucks with survey sites Or follow How to  earn money and earn v bucks

I am already writing this for you and if you follow this

then you don’t ask for any human verification or survey.

The most opportunities are you can earn money at home using your internet.

Is it possible to get free V bucks?

And my answer is Yes.

Some ways are real and legit you can use the manual processes like daily quested, daily login, times mission, and online private generator tool.

Last few weeks I am searching online and find out some website and that’s the website through me a survey, human verification.

How To Get Fortnite Free V Bucks On PS4 (2020)?

We know that PS4(PlayStation 4) is a video console game

and you can be watching and be playing the game on this platform.

Most of the game lovers playing multiple games on this platform because it’s made for gaming.

PS4 also has Fortnite battle royale and saves the world mode distinct.

So here You can play this game. But the problem is

how to get free fortnite VBucks on PS4,

Above in this article,

I am trying to explain to you the best ways

If you follow these then you can also make money online and earn epic games fortnite free v-bucks.

these are the complete guideline in 2020 for fortnite lovers.

how to get free v bucks without downloading anything?

Through Our fortnite v bucks hack generator you can easily get free v bucks without downloading anything

How can I get free Vbucks on my phone?

We already talking about this how to get v bucks on your phone please follow all this hacks and get v bucks on your phone